Do Venus Fly Traps Hurt?

Venus Fly Traps are a very popular kind of carnivorous plant, and this has a lot do to with their unique appearance and abilities.

Because they are a kind of carnivorous plant, they actually need meat to survive, and they get it by luring insects and bugs into their “mouths” and clamping their jaw down to trap and digest them.

Most Venus Fly Traps are incredibly small, but if you have ever thought about sticking your hands and fingers into their mouths, you might want to hold off on that idea and learn a bit more about why it’s a bad idea.

If you are curious about if Venus Fly Traps can hurt humans, then you have come to the right place!

I will be going over everything you need to know about if these plants are safe and why you shouldn’t stick your hands into their mouths!

Do Venus Fly Traps Hurt?

So… do Venus Fly Traps hurt? When it comes to hurting human beings, the answer is no!

Even if you were to stick your fingers into the mouth of a Venus Fly Trap, it would snap shut just like it would for insects, but it wouldn’t hurt you in the slightest.

In fact, the sensation you would get from a Venus Fly Trap “biting” you would actually feel more like a tickle!

The “teeth” on the Venus Fly Trap are more like eyelash hairs than actual teeth, and they are designed for bugs and insects, so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself if you were to stick your fingers in.

That being said, it isn’t recommended that you stick your fingers into a Venus Fly Trap… but I’ll get more into why a little bit later!

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Fingers In A Venus Fly Trap

While it won’t hurt to stick your fingers into a Venus Fly Trap, it still isn’t recommended that you do it.

The reason why is that Venus Fly Traps have to use a fair amount of energy in order to snap their mouths shut, and if you trigger them for no reason, it could affect them later when they actually need to feed. 

Expending that energy when they don’t need to can seriously weaken the plant. It won’t kill the plant per se, but it will negatively affect it in the long run. 

If you really want to observe the trapping mechanism of the Venus Fly Trap but you don’t want to upset its well-being, then you are more than welcome to actually feed the plant and observe that way.

By doing it this way, you ensure that the Venus Fly Trap continues to thrive, without expending unnecessary energy. 

Watching Venus Fly Traps is an incredibly fascinating and fun experience, so if you are really desperate to see the mouths in action, feed

Are Venus Fly Traps Safe?

Are Venus Fly Traps Safe?

The short answer to this question is yes. Venus Fly Traps are incredibly safe. Especially towards humans. They aren’t so safe for insects and bugs though!

Even if you were to stick your finger in the mouth of the Venus Fly Trap, you wouldn’t really be stuck, and this comes down to the size and strength comparison of both you and the plant. 

While some Venus Fly Traps can grow to the same size as small bushes, they never grow to a size that would be considered to be dangerous to humans.

In general, Venus Fly Traps are considered to be small plants. There isn’t enough room in their mouths or enough strength for them to actually keep a human trapped. 

Venus Fly Traps cant even make humans bleed, let alone cause any real harm! You will feel pressure on your finger when its mouth clamps down, but not enough for it to cause distress or pain. 

Overall, Venus Fly Traps are not a threat to humans and they can be considered to be

Can Venus Fly Traps Eat Humans?

As I have previously mentioned, some Venus Fly Traps can occasionally grow to the same size as a small bush, and when this happens, they actually trap and eat small mammals and birds.

So if they can do that, surely that means, at least in theory, that they can eat humans? 

Well, they can’t! 

At most, Venus Fly Traps can consume and digest a very small piece of human skin, but they can’t really cope with anything humanoid beyond that.

They would not be able to digest or break down muscles or bones, and they simply couldn’t grow large enough to become a threat to us. 

The larger their prey, the longer it takes for Venus Fly Traps to digest them. So if they did trap a human, the digestion process would take far too long and the human would easily escape. 

Venus Fly Traps are simply not designed to consume and digest humans. They live on a diet of bugs and insects and only on very rare occasions do they consume small mammals and birds. 

If you were to stick your finger in a Venus Fly Trap and just leave it there for a few days, you might notice some changes.

Some of your skin would peel off and your finger might go a bit yellow from the Venus Fly Trap enzymes, but that would be all that would happen. Because humans are so much bigger than the Venus Fly Trap, it wouldn’t even be a scratch to us! 

If you are concerned that one day a Venus Fly Trap will try to eat you, don’t worry! It would be physically impossible! 


If you were concerned that Venus Fly Traps would hurt if you stuck your finger in their mouths, you can rest easy now knowing that they don’t hurt at all! 

Venus Fly Traps are not a danger to humans and they are incredibly safe. The only things that need to be wary of Venus Fly Traps are bugs and insects! 

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