Do Venus Fly Traps Eat Fruit Flies?

Venus fly traps might be some of the most popular carnivorous plant species on the planet.

While there are certainly stranger and bigger plants that feed on living animals out there, none seem to have captured the imagination of people around the world in the same way that these little North and South Carolina natives, with their jaw-like traps, have done.

These plants are cultivated and grown across the world now, both in botanical centers and even in people’s homes. Heck, you might have one of your own!

However, if you do have one of these carnivorous plants for yourself, you’ll no doubt know that they are also surprisingly difficult to look after and maintain.

And part of that task is figuring out what these plants can and can’t eat.
In this guide, we’ll help show you one of the most popular insects that are often given to fly traps, fruit flies.

We’ll show you that not only are they a safe food for your little insect-eating plant, but why they are often the go-to food for owners of Venus fly traps!

Can Venus Fly Traps Eat Fruit Flies?

So, before we start discussing the finer details, we should probably first answer the main question that we asked in the title: Are fruit flies a good food for Venus fly traps to eat?

Well, as it turns out, they are! Not only are fruit flies edible for Venus fly traps, but they’re one of its most common predators, so they’re kind of perfectly suited for eating them!

Pest Control

Fruit flies are often considered a pest for gardeners, as they are very likely to lay their eggs and infest themselves in vegetables and plants that grow in temperate to warm conditions, like bananas, potatoes, apples, and pretty much anything else.

Venus fly traps are often considered the perfect pest control solution to this, as they secrete sweet nectar in their trap that many insects are attracted to, fruit flies included.

As the fly or insect lands, they touch small hair-like follicles on the inside of the plant walls, causing the plant to close suit on the fly, trapping it.

There’s a reason that these little guys are called Venus fly traps, after all! Not only do they catch many insect pests, but they also manage to attract them too!

Feeding Fruit Flies To Your Venus Fly Trap

So, if fruit flies are a safe, even encouraged, food for your plant with an appetite, how exactly do you go about feeding them?

That will depend on where exactly you are growing your Venus fly trap. There are different strategies that you can use for either.


An outdoor Venus fly trap is very simple, especially if you’re growing them close to any fruiting plants or vegetables that you have.

Simply place the plant in the same general area (though not right next to) your plants of choice, and simply let Venus fly traps do what Venus fly traps do!

This is a very simple method, that doesn’t rely on too much work on your part.

However, it is worth noting that Venus fly traps may not be apple to get all the nutrients that they need from this method, so make sure that you’re paying close attention, and feed it with other options if necessary (more on that later)


If you are indoors, your Venus fly trap isn’t going to have that same access to the outside world that would allow them to feed on fruit flies out in the open.

However, you can still find ways to feed your little carnivorous friend. If you have a fruit bowl that has any fruit in it, simply place a piece of fly paper or some sticky sweet adhesive near the fruit.

As the fruit ripens, you’ll find that fruit flies will start to appear, which may get caught on the fly paper.

From there, you can pick up the flies with a pair of insect tweezers, then simply place them inside the jaws of the Venus fly trap.

It’s a little more labor-intensive than the outdoor alternative, but you’ll find that this method can yield some great results.

You can also catch a ton of household insects that are also scurrying around your home like any spider that might be hanging around your house.

Other Ways To Feed Your Venus Fly Trap

Do Venus Fly Traps Eat Fruit Flies?

So, if you don’t have fruit flies handy, what little critters can you feed to your Venus fly trap that are also fine for them?


Probably one of the most disgusting, but also most readily available options (especially if you grow any vegetables or leafy plants), slugs are safe for Venus fly traps to eat (But does anything eat Venus Fly Traps? Find out here).

Of course, you’ll need to find slugs first! Simply put out a slug trap with tons of moisture and food, and you’ll likely have a few slugs to give to your Venus fly trap.

Make sure that you’re using some type of tongue or tweezers so that you don’t touch the mucus of the slug.
And make sure that they aren’t too big for your fly trap, of course!


One of the most popular options for feeding Venus fly traps, mealworms are packed full of protein and other necessary nutrients, making them an ideal feed for many exotic pets and animals, Venus fly traps included.

You can either feed your carnivorous plant dried or live mealworms, though we would personally recommend live mealworms so that your plant will close properly.


If you’re looking to get food for your Venus fly trap with fly tape, you might find a few spiders on that tape too, if it is in the right place and position.

These 8-legged creatures are also safe to give to your Venus fly trap. Simply grab them with a pair of tweezers, and place them in the trap.

Final Notes

So, as you can see, not only are fruit flies safe to give your Venus fly trap as food, but they may be some of the best ways of keeping these little pests down around your plants and fruit!

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